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Short Courses Are for Everyone – Here's How You Can Benefit

Ranging from several days to several months, short courses help you develop formal industry skills without having to commit to years of study. IUMW courses include online micro-credentials as well as live courses taught online and on campus. When you study IUMW micro-credentials, you also become eligible for exemptions towards relevant Master’s degree programmes at IUMW.

Courses may be short, but they are packed with essential knowledge, giving you the skills you need to excel in your career. There are so many benefits, here are just some of the best reasons to consider studying a short course.

Plug knowledge gaps
Short courses greatly boost a CV, giving you extra skills and showing commitment to professional development. It can also help to bridge a skills gap that you’ve identified. They offer a smaller commitment to retraining in a specific area, so you can brush up on areas that you think might need some work.

Short courses offer a more condensed form of learning. They are a smaller commitment and allow you to study on your own time. This means you can more manageably fit study around the other priorities in your life, and still get a certificate of completion and the extra skills and knowledge you desire.

You are interested in another field or work in an interdisciplinary field.
Most academic disciplines cover one particular field, but many companies and roles these days require interdisciplinary knowledge. You can consider your chosen short course as an aid to specialise further or explore another field outside your own. Either way, short courses give you that freedom.

Leadership Communication short course IUMW
MBA students from Ramaiah Institute of Management, India., attending the half-day Leadership Communication course at IUMW

M Sowbhagya is an MBA student from India who recently attended the half-day Leadership Communication course at IUMW, along with 15 fellow MBA students from Ramaiah Institute of Management, India.

“One key takeaway I will remember is that we all think and respond to people differently, and when a leader communicates, it should be appropriate for the individual”.

Fellow student Shankar Raghunath also shared his view on the course. “In business, there are ways to get things done A leader should know the empathetic way, not just the autocratic way, to maximise outcomes. That will stay with me”.

With a variety of short courses available, you can benefit from new skills and knowledge to set yourself apart and take your career to the next level. 

Short Course IUMW - MBA student
MBA student Shankar Raghunath presenting during the Leadership Communication course

Upskill today with one of our current courses:

Short Courses
Science Communication (3-day course)
Bioenterpreneurship (4-day course)

Entrepreneurial Organisation & Strategic Planning
Corporate Venturing & Innovation
Corporate Operational Management and Sustainability

When you complete all 3 micro-credential courses you are eligible for a 1-subject credit exemption from IUMW’s MBA and Master of Professional Communication (conventional and ODL programmes).