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Vice-Chancellor Profile

Prof. Dr. Kamila Ghazali


At Universiti Malaya-Wales (UM-Wales), we emphasize practical, real-world skills to ensure graduates are ready for the workforce. Central to our mission is instilling professionalism, integrity, and adaptability in our students. Our goal is to produce socially responsible graduates who are aware of global issues and can drive positive change through impactful projects and volunteerism. We promote inclusivity and respect for differing perspectives, encouraging students to engage with diverse communities with various backgrounds. Ultimately, we aim to nurture the next generation of leaders, thinkers, and change-makers, empowering them to face the future with courage, compassion, and integrity. To meet the demands of independent adult learners we offer training programmes which meet industry expectations. We also offer Open and Distance Learning Programmes which allow learners to earn and learn on their own terms.