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The Studio, located on the first floor of Block A, enables hands-on learning in visual and audio production. Equipped with the latest state-of-the-art technology, including green screen, digital cameras, lighting, and an audio studio, the studio is meant for students who are keen in broadcast and digital production.

Student Workspace

Student Workspace is a spacious area meant for the students of IUMW. The newly-refurbished space includes colourful décor, artsy sculpture, and many more. Students’ works are also being displayed around the space. This space can also be rented for events and gatherings from the Faculty of Communication, Arts & Media (FCAM).


IUMW students will use industry-standard equipment and softwares in their classes held at the many computer laboratories available within the university compound. Installed with the latest technology applications, such as Adobe Premiere Pro, Photoshop, Illustrator, as well as tools for scientific research, students are able to be industry-ready.


The Student Centre is the perfect environment in which to eat, relax and socialise with friends or meet with staff. The centre is open to all students of IUMW as a convenient place to use as workspace, or just to chill out.

Facilities of the Student Centre include:

  Computer Workstations

 Wireless Access

  Casual lounge space

  Pool table

  TV area

  Discussion area

  Private study area

  Student run coffee shop