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Clubs And Societies

IUMW has a wide range of extracurricular activities you can join. Our clubs and societies
are a great way to meet people, enjoy new experiences, and develop new skills.


Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or a complete beginner, our sports clubs are open to everyone to join. Get fit, get social, and get competitive in the sport of your choice! Clubs have regular training sessions, and many compete against other teams and universities.
 Sports Clubs Information
 Club NameEmailNew Member Application LinkInstagram
Killer Whales Basketball[email protected]
Killer Whales Netball[email protected]
Killer Whales Volleyball[email protected]
Killer Whales Futsal[email protected]
IUMW Taekwondo[email protected]
Killer Whales Badminton[email protected]
IUMW Archery[email protected]


IUMW Academic Clubs were established by their respective faculties, and emphasise in activities that are related to their subjects of study. Students are able to test their understanding on subjects, and apply and implement the knowledge they learn in the field. Students also get the opportunity to exchange knowledge with friends from different courses and semesters.
 Academic Club Information
 Club NameEmailNew Member Application LinkInstagram
IUMW PsychademiX[email protected]
IUMW Accounting[email protected]
IUMW Finance[email protected]
Business Administration Association (BAA)[email protected]
IUMW Biotechnology[email protected]
DragOBytes[email protected]

Arts & Culture

IUMW Arts & Cultural Clubs act as platforms for IUMW students to express and enhance their interpersonal development, as well as their social and civic development through performances and words expression. As an international university that has a multi-racial community of students, they will also learn and have a better understanding about others’ cultures.
 Arts & Culture Club Information
Club Name Email New Member Application Link Instagram
International Students’ Association (ISA) [email protected] n/a @iumw.isa
Indian Cultural Society (ICS) [email protected] @iumwindianculturalsociety
Experimental Theatre Club [email protected] @iumwthespians
Dance Club [email protected]

Contact information
For more information on our clubs and societies, contact the Student Services Centre who will be happy to help.

Phone:03-2617 3017
Email: [email protected]
Operating hours: Monday – Friday, 8.30 a.m. – 5.30 p.m
(It is advised to email for an appointment first due to the current pandemic situation)
Location: Lobby, Block A, Administration Wing, IUMW