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Study in the UK for the Experience of a Lifetime

Dual Award students have have the opportunity to study at our partner university, the University of Wales Trinity Saint David (UWTSD) in Wales, part of the UK. The study abroad period will usually take place during level 5 (semesters 3 & 4). The mobility programme fee is GBP 3500.

You will study at one of UWTSD’s attractive campuses based in Swansea; your programme will determine at which campus you will be based.

Studying abroad may be one of the most beneficial experiences for you as a university student. You get the opportunity to study in a foreign nation and take in the culture of a new land. When you return home, you will return with a new perspective on culture, language skills, a great education, and a willingness to learn. Needless to say, all of these are very attractive to future employers.

UWTSD Swansea Campuses

SA1 Waterfront Campus

Psychology Students

UWTSD’s new SA1 Waterfront Campus and Innovation Quarter development, in the city’s maritime quarter, sits next to the marina and a five-mile stretch of sandy beach.

The main building, the IQ, is where you’ll develop fresh ideas and discover new innovations, with access to specialist equipment for your studies and projects. And the super-modern new library, Y Fforwm, with its breathtaking views of the city and sea, is just a few steps away.

Swansea Business Campus

Business Students

UWTSD’s Swansea Business Campus (SBC), conveniently located near the train station, is where you can immerse yourself in forward-thinking and innovative business degrees and modules.

You’ll learn from professionals and academics with industry experience – and develop the versatile skills needed for a career in business and management, or as an entrepreneur. Plus, there’s student accommodation close by, which means you can walk from halls to your lectures within minutes.

Swansea College of Art

Professional Communication Students

UWTSD’s Dynevor and Alexandra Road buildings, at the heart of the city’s art quarter and near the internationally renowned Glynn Vivan Art Gallery, are home to the Swansea College of Art.

Swansea College of Art at UWTSD was founded over 170 years ago and today, they are at the forefront of creativity and employment. During your studies you will have the opportunity to make use of the beautiful workshop and studio spaces based at the campus. 

UWTSD Graduation Ceremonies


In addition to IUMW’s own convocation ceremony, Dual Award students also have the opportunity to attend the UWTSD Graduation Ceremony. Currently, ceremonies are held at Swansea Arena.

Sitting in the heart of the Copr Bay development, Swansea Arena is a landmark 3,500-capacity multi-purpose indoor arena which opened its doors in March 2022.

Student Mobility - UWTSD Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements to join the mobility programme?
To join the mobility programme, you must be a Dual Award student studying towards a UK degree at IUMW.

Are there any additional fees to be paid, or has that been included in the semester fees paid over the course of the year?
In addition to your Dual Award fee, you will need to pay the Mobility Fee of GBP3500

Approximately, how much money is needed for accommodation, food and bills once there?
It will largely depend on your lifestyle but a moderate lifestyle could be estimated at a budget of around RM30-40k. You will need to provide evidence of being able to financially support yourself before going to Wales and send it along with the Erasmus application Form. The forms can be found on the IUMW Website.

Which modules will I study at UWTSD?
You should consult with your Programme Coordinator in order to determine
a) The semester you are going, and;
b) The modules you will undertake at UWTSD

Who is responsible for applying for the visa?
The student is responsible for applying for the visa – however, Malaysian students do not need a visa to study in Wales.

What type of IELTS test do you need to take?
The type of IELTS you have to take is ACADEMIC IELTS. For information on IELTS, contact Ms Tayany A/P Kalianan: [email protected]

When do I need to submit the documents to apply for the mobility programme?
For an Academic year beginning in September (UWTSD, UK), all documents must be sent to the Wales Desk and Partnerships before the 1 July of that year.

What are the documents we need to prepare?
The Erasmus Form should be completed by the student and supported with the following documents:

  1. A completed application Erasmus Form with signed and dated declaration.
  2. One completed academic reference – Must be any IUMW lecturer
  3. Certified* copies of original previous Qualification certificates & current partial transcripts of degree at IUMW
  4. Copy of financial evidence
  5. Certified* copy of passport (front page only)
  6. Certified* copies of current and previously issued visas (International Student only)
  7. IELTS certificates from an approved IELTS centre (where English is not the first language). Only IELTS Academic is accepted for the application.
  8. Vaccination Certificate from MySejahtera / Related providers

    *Certified referring to general certified true copy only.

What are the grading requirements for IELTS?

An overall English Language level equivalent to an IELTS score of 6.0 (or equivalent) with no lower than 5.5 in reading, writing, listening and speaking

Who will pick us up from Heathrow Airport?
If you arrange your arrival in line with UWTSD’s pick-up services, a representative from UWTSD will pick you up from Heathrow Airport. The offer letter issued by UWTSD will provide the date and time of pick-up.

Will accommodation be arranged for us?
There is no arrangement for accommodation, however, you can arrange for accommodation once the offer letter from UWTSD is out. You can also check the UWTSD website for information on accommodation arrangements.

Who do we liaise with to find a place to stay while we are there?
You can liaise with senior students who have already studied in Wales – that is the best way to ensure you will be comfortable with the place of stay.

For an Academic year beginning in January (UWTSD, UK); all documents must be sent to the Wales Desk and Partnerships before the 1st September of the previous year.

Additional information:

  • The Admissions Office at UWTSD will send an unconditional offer to students who wish to study at UWTSD for one semester.
  • Once a Malaysian student receives the Unconditional Offer Letter – they can use this to enter the UK for their short semester study
  • For an international student, upon receipt of the Unconditional Offer Letter – they can then apply for the study visa
  • Students who receive the Conditional Offer Letter will need to ensure the conditions stipulated are fulfilled. Once the conditions are fulfilled, UWTSD will issue an Unconditional Offer Letter, allowing students to travel to the UK (with a visa for foreign students).
IUMW programmes are aligned as far as possible with those of UWTSD, which makes academic transfer straightforward in most cases. Your programme coordinator can give you advice on which modules you should register for when you apply for study in UWTSD, so that you can transfer your credits back to IUMW upon completion of your semester.

To apply, please get in touch with your programme coordinator. You will need to fill in the international application form and return it with:

  • A statement of why you want to be considered for the programme
  • Two faculty recommendations
  • Transcript of grades
  • Approval for you to study abroad from your programme coordinator

Contact Information
Email: [email protected]

IELTS Contact Information
Email: [email protected] (Ms Tayany A/P Kalianan)