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Certified Training

2-day intensive training session

Event Details

22nd and 29th June 2024

Comprehensive Learning

Lifelong skills taught by renowned industry& academic experts

Certification in Science Communication

Practical Skills for Effective Science Communication

Before you can share data and facts, you need to build meaningful connections and trust with people, whoever and wherever they are. 

Whether you want to interact effectively with the media, write popular science articles, give compelling talks about your research, engage wider audiences online, or just develop your communication skills, this short course can help you achieve that. Through this course, participants will be introduced to different techniques to demystify science in order to generate interest among the public through various modes of communication techniques.


  • MBOT CPD points claimable
  • HRDF claimable

Who should join?


Professionals involved in communication in any form who want to add on skills for career advancement.

✔ Students & Graduates

Students and graduates looking for additional skills to increase market employability.

✔ Science Academics, Researchers and Teachers

Academics and researchers who want to discover the best way to teach, present, and communicate their findings

✔ Communication Industry

Those who are interested in communicating Science to the public either in formal or informal organisations.

Short Course Details

  • 22nd & 29th June 2024
Fees (per pax):

> RM 750


> UM-Wales Campus

IUMW Science Communication Course

Course Modules & Highlights

What You Will Learn

  • Using ‘Science’ to Improve Science Communication
  • Speaking of Science (Oral Presentation)
  • Writing Science (Written Communication)
  • Decoding Science (Technology-based Communication)
  • Leveraging AI in Science Communication
  • Hands-on Sessions
  • Case Studies
  • Group Discussions & Feedback

At the end of this course, you will know how to decode and communicate scientific findings in an understandable language so that science is appreciated and valued by your audience.

You will learn multiple modes of communication techniques so that your information becomes accessible and appealing to the public at all levels.


I am a dedicated academician with experience in teaching at higher education institutions for Diploma, Bachelors, Masters, and Ph.D. programme. I am now active in the field of training and development for executive education and professionals. As an educator and a trainer, my goal is to enable learners not only to obtain knowledge but also to motivate and inspire them to appreciate the value in up-skilling and self-improvement.

My lesson plan always includes learners’ engagement with their real work practice to increase their competency to best fit the image of 21st-centuryprofessionals. With strong Multimedia background, I always make use of technology applications in learning and teaching activities as it can assist learners to enhance their intellectual capabilities.

The following would be my area of expertise:

  • Communication & PR
  • Creative Multimedia
  • Educational Technology
  • Visual Art & Communication

With 27 years of management consultancy and 13 years dedicated to growth and digitalization as director with Brand Geeks Inc, Manisah is also a leading expert in technology market readiness. She specializes in enhancing digitalization through the innovative Market Readiness Level (MRL) framework, enriched with Islamic collaborative elements from her Ph.D. research. Manisah has empowered various businesses with tailored strategies fostering growth with adoption of emerging technology. Manisah is the co-founder, hustler and driving force of Brand Geeks Inc. Her strategic marketing and organisational skills have been honed over 14 years of corporate experience in taxation, advisory, litigation and corporate banking. This has been further refined as an entrepreneur and business owner upon joining Brand Geeks Inc in 2012. Manisah has since shared her expertise in strategic marketing, organisational development and legal strategy with over 200 Turbocharge Bootcamp participants and more than 30 consultancy clients. Known for her astute and searing insight into what can make or break a start-ups early life, her no-holds-barred guidance is exactly the type of honest communication needed in this industry. She has even provided guidance and advice internationally, as a mentor with both the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women and Business Professional Women (BPW) Organisation.

Dr Mahaletchumy Arujanan holds a PhD in science communication and is the Global Coordinator of BioTrust Global (BioTrust-ISAAA) and the Executive Director of the Malaysian Biotechnology Information Centre (MABIC). She founded The Petri Dish, Malaysia’s first science newspaper, and co-founded Science Media Centre Malaysia. Mahaletchumy’s notable achievements include developing the first science communication training module for scientists in Malaysia and being listed among the world’s 100 most influential people in biotechnology by Scientific American Worldview 2015. She won the 2010 Third World Academy of Science Regional Prize for Public Understanding of Science for East, Southeast Asia, and Pacific Region. Mahaletchumy is actively involved in various advisory roles and has published extensively on science/biotech communication and biotechnology development.

Tan Su Lin is an accomplished communications specialist with over 16 years of experience in media and communications. As a 2014 CNN Journalism Fellow and recipient of numerous awards, she has developed deep expertise in environmental and science-related topics. In 2020, she co-founded the Science Media Centre (SMC) Malaysia, an initiative dedicated to championing effective science communication and evidence-based reporting. SMC, the first information resource centre of its kind in Malaysia, has been instrumental in supporting journalists in reporting complex and headline-making science issues. In 2021, Su Lin spearheaded the PANAS project, launching “PANAS! Climate Change Stories in Malaysia” to engage local journalists, writers, and content creators in producing climate change stories. This project also led to the development of Malaysia’s inaugural digital toolkit, PANAS!, which provides crucial support to the local media industry and content creators in addressing climate change. Holding an MA in Environment, Culture, and Society from Lancaster University, Su Lin brings a rich blend of academic knowledge and practical experience, helping science communicators effectively convey scientific concepts to diverse audiences.

Course Schedule

Day Time Activities
Day 1 09:00 – 13:00 Module 1: 
The Basics of Science Communication
14:00 – 17:30 Module 2:
Speaking of Science and Hands-on Session
Day 2 09:00 – 13:00 Module 3:
Writing Science & Hands-On Session
14:00 – 17:30 Module 4:  Digital Communication in Science and Hands-On Session
4.1 Science on Social Media
4.2 Leveraging AI to Decode Science

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