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Creating Positive Energy With Love & Gratitude

How do we use gratitude & love to create positive energy with the people, living and non-living things with us?

Everything is connected to energy, and we can just project the expression of gratitude & love to them. It’s that simple!

Now to start off with the experiments, what we need to do is to assess our energy level. How do we know our energy level? We can use Scaling (0-10, with 0 being you without any energy, 5 being you with neutral, and 10 being you with full of energy) to represent our energy at any time. You may test it out whenever you want to experiment.

Next, imagine someone (or even your pet) that you dearly love and would like to express gratitude to that person or pet (in your mind). Then, deeply feel and appreciate this source of love and gratitude (in your heart). The impression of love and gratitude in your heart will become your expression. After that, try to project this expression of gratitude and love to anyone that you meet. It can be your parents, your friends, events and things that you can see, feel and touch.

For example, you may try this experiment by expressing gratitude and love for the trees. Gratitude and Love to the trees for:

  • Giving us oxygen
  • Giving shelter to birds and us
  • Giving shelter to the earth instead of radiation
  • Giving fruits to us, animals & birds
  • Reduce heat
  • Prevent flood & landslide

Done trying? When you are done with the experiment, you might feel that your energy has been replenished to another level. As the world is round, the positive energy will come back to you. Kindly re-evaluate your energy again with the scale (0-10) to see any difference to your energy level. Do take note as you might need to try a few times before you can feel the energy. Do share this experiment with your family members, relatives and friends so that everyone can try and provide positive energy to mother nature and the energy will come back to everyone! Happy Trying and Enjoy the Abundance of Positive Energy!

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