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By Laura Evans

To begin something new is always an amazing feeling. Do you feel the same about the beginning of a new academic year? Sure. You have great expectations and so many new chances. Just grab all of them. Here are some suggestions on how you can enjoy studying and be productive!

Make an outline of your plans and goals
Planning is a useful thing, though it’s often underestimated. Weekly planning is a good rule to follow. Daily planners can be both offline and online, letting you schedule your day in a convenient way. Try a two-week experiment. Don’t plan anything during the first week, and just let things slide. And the next week, plan your daily routine in advance, prioritise and set deadlines. See the difference?

Work on your time-management
Being organised is a good quality for a student. If procrastination has always been your problem, a new academic year is a perfect time to get rid of this habit. During the break, you had the chance to spend your time any way you wished. Now that a new term has started, it’s a good time to start scheduling.

Reach out when you need to
There’s nothing to be ashamed of if you need help. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and ask for assistance regarding the issues you don’t understand. All the students chase the same goal – to learn well. Besides, help from peer students can be good for those who need help and those who offer it.

Don’t be afraid to make new friends
If you’re a shy person, it can be a real challenge for you to make new friends. Perhaps it’s high time to try the other role? Or just find an alternative. For example, you can join university clubs according to your interests. When people share the same interests, it’s so much easier to start a conversation with someone since he or she is likely to be similar to you.

Develop anti-stress strategies
Managing stress and bringing your life into balance is a good skill to gain. Everyone copes with stress differently. Some pick up a new sport, some have a good night’s sleep, some meet their friends after class, or maybe they prefer watching their favourite TV series. The most important thing is to get rid of stress, or else it can grow into a disease and take a toll on your body.

Try new things
You’ve got lots of interests! Try to help somebody. Be a volunteer. Pick up on some side reading. Collaborate with others. You’ve got myriad different opportunities, so go for it! When is the right time if not your university life?