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“Engineering the Present for the Future”

6th October 2020: The Centre of Foundation Studies recently hosted the Virtual Inspirational Talk with the presence of a great young guest speaker, Ts. (Technologist) Dr Muhammad Izzal Ismail, Head of Innovation and Engineering at UMW Corporation Sdn Bhd. Dr Muhammad Izzal Ismail was appointed as a member of the IUMW Industry Advisory Panel (Project Management) in March this year. The aim of the talk entitled ‘Engineering the Present for the Future’ was to inspire students and expose them to the automotive engineering field, through his global experience in Japan and the United Kingdom as a student and research associate. The motivational session attracted over 100 participants from foundation and undergraduate programmes at IUMW. During the session, Dr Izzal highlighted that students should, “always see every challenge from the positive side, and you will survive” – motivational words for students to remember during this challenging climate.