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by Laxhme Paramanadan

Staying at home is perceived as an advantage to some, but it can get a little exhausting being in one space for a long time. Daily routines can become boring and you may feel as though you’re not being productive enough. As a student, here are some tips to surviving and coping with ‘the new norm’.

Family Time

  • Spend quality time with family and friends (virtual or face to face).
  • Lend a helping hand when possible (offer to cook once a week, water the plants, spring clean, pick up a new hobby with family members or catch up on old hobbies).

Brace for Brain Strains

  • Your mind and body would have gotten used to travelling at least an hour a day to attend classes, getting food, etc. Now that you’re home-bound, be sure to get some physical movement, even if it means getting up and prepping a fancy meal for yourself or for everyone at home.

Carve Out a Workspace

  • You will be more motivated to study and attend online classes if you allocate a designated space that is comfortable and visually attractive to be in. Create a space for yourself to cater to your needs and your likes and let those creative juices flow!

Enjoy the Perks

  • The current pandemic has provided each of us with an opportunity to make up for the time we may have lost due to our hectic schedules and busy lives. Make use of this period to catch up with the people or the things you’ve been putting off before this. Lastly, just relax and enjoy the time you spend at home!