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by Laxhme Paramanadan

Happiness. Everyone wants it, and people spend their lives searching for it – yet for many people in today’s world, happiness is an elusive goal. But not for you – now you can practice self-love with these tips below!

Decide to Be Happy

This may sound simplistic, but if you want to be happy, then decide to be happy. One way to help with this is to think happy thoughts (that’s right, just like Peter Pan told Wendy). When you choose positive thoughts over negative ones, you are more likely to develop an optimistic outlook on life. Keep that positive vibe going no matter what you’re doing.

Say No

It’s easy to say yes—people like you when you say yes to the things they want or need. It’s tougher to say no, but sometimes it’s just the thing you need to feel happier. Is someone pushing you into doing something you don’t want to do? Say no. Is someone trying to dump a project or task on you? Say no. Practice until saying no is as easy as saying yes. Saying no is a powerful tool in your game-of-life chest.

Pat Your Own Back

You praise your friends and family, so why not yourself? You’re not being egotistical when you acknowledge that you finished a task or made a breakthrough— you work hard and accomplish many things – bask in the glory of the moment! You deserve it.

Go Easy on Yourself

All too often, we are our own worst enemies. While it’s good to be aware of your mistakes, beating yourself is a surefire way to wind up singing the blues. Instead of dwelling on your past failures, focus on how and why you value yourself. This shift will make you stronger, more productive, less stressed…and yes, happier.

Give Yourself More Time

One of the biggest sources of frustration in our busy lives is being late and the annoying distractions that can lead to that. So much frustration and anxiety can be avoided if you allow yourself extra time to get stuff done. Start your assignments earlier so that you won’t be doing them last minute and not be able to produce your best work. Pace yourself. You’ll have a more relaxed and happier day!