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World Class Academic Resources to Support Your Studies

University libraries are a place for connection, collaboration and content creation. The library at IUMW is a welcoming space that supports the development goals of IUMW students, with access to world-class resources to support your studies at every step.

E-resources at IUMW come from the extensive range at the Universiti Malaya library. This gives you access to world-class resources, so you have everything you need to complete high-quality research. The A-Z Online Databases is a searchable electronic index of published, reliable resources. Databases provide access to research materials from academic journals, newspapers, and magazines. Popular databases include:

Scopus – One of the two big commercial databases, with bibliographic databases that cover scholarly literature from almost any discipline.
Web of Science – Also known as Web of Knowledge, it is the second big bibliographic database, covering multiple disciplines
IEEE Explore – The leading academic database in the field of engineering and computer science.
ScienceDirect – A multidisciplinary database featuring articles from one of the largest academic publishers in the world
JSTOR – Access to more than 10 million academic journal articles, books, and primary sources in 75 disciplines
Emerald -Features One of the largest eJournal collections with over 125,000 articles from more than 260 journals, specialising in Business, Management and Social Sciences
SAGE – World-class research and Multidisciplinary journals from SAGE Publishing, the world’s leading independent academic publisher.


Single Sign-in Process
A single sign-in process feature means that once you have logged in to the online library, you can go through any database found in the list of subscribed online databases without logging in again each time. You will love this feature if you are the kind to open multiple tabs when doing your research!

Open Access Databases (OAP)
Open Access Databases are online databases freely available on the Internet, that include article indexes and abstracts, and occasional full text. Open Access means that anyone can access the database, without the need for a subscription. The UM Library has compiled a list of open-access databases for direct student access: https://umlibguides.um.edu.my/OpenAccess/OADatabases.

Library and Postgraduate Centre
The onsite library has comfortable areas to sit and study, whether alone or in groups. This means you can find a quiet space away from distractions for uninterrupted study. You can also access public computers, conduct research and print. When you need study support, you can seek research assistance from the library support staff.

The Postgraduate Centre is a space to meet in a purposeful campus environment, made up of seminar rooms for group discussions, individual desks for smaller groups, and breakout spaces. Study desks and PCs are also available to use.

Whether you are just starting out at university or a seasoned researcher, the IUMW Resource Centre aims to support you throughout your study journey, enabling you to maximize your learning potential throughout your time at University.

IUMW Library

Search Hack!
When searching for information in the search bar, use Boolean Operators. Boolean operators are the use of the words AND, OR and NOT. These 3 terms can help narrow down or broaden your search results.
1. AND – The use of 2 search terms to NARROW down your search
Example: Cats AND Dogs
By using this method, your search results will narrow down to information containing only cats & dogs
2. OR – The use of 2 search terms to BROADEN the search
Example: Red OR Yellow flowers
Your search results will return with all information about BOTH terms you search for
3. NOT – The use of 2 search terms to retrieve NARROWER search results
Example: Land Vehicles NOT Motorcycles
By doing this, your search results will only provide you with information about all land vehicles EXCEPT for motorcycles.