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Unlocking Digital Learning with OpenLearning

In an exciting new initiative, IUMW and OpenLearning joined together to host the “OpenLearning Workshop: How to Build a Successful Online Course”. Open Learning is a digital learning platform that provides a range of services and features for educators and learners.

This event brought together academic staff from IUMW and other institutions and members of the general public to explore the art of crafting effective online modules. The training included developing course structure and content, and the practical process of designing an engaging e-Learning page. The programme enabled participants to develop professionally, expand their teaching toolkit, and created networking opportunities.

“Nowadays, educators need to go beyond traditional teaching methods to meet the needs of increasingly tech-savvy learners. This training helped our lecturers enhance their digital skills to create a learner-centred approach through the OpenLearning platform”, shared Assoc. Prof. Dr Nisa Omar, Dean of the Faculty of Arts & Science at IUMW.