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Try to name an industry where communication specialists do not exist, and you may very well struggle. Governments, charities, retail, you name it – they all need to get their message out there. So you’ll understand why companies are crying out for skilled employees who can help them be seen and heard. Enter the Masters in Communication. Become an expert in this field and watch your career rocket. And when you have the option to study online without putting your career on hold, it makes even more sense. Here are three best reasons to study for a Master’s in Communication in 2022.

Employment is on the rise.

It’s no surprise to learn that employment in media and communication is projected to grow 14% from 2020 to 2030, faster than the average for all occupations¹. Hence, job prospects look good for Communication graduates. Demand for media and communication occupations is expected to arise from the growing need to create, edit, translate, and share information in today’s fast-paced digital world.

Huge variety of jobs.

Communication graduates can end up in all sorts of careers, including everything from your local sports broadcast network to magazine writers, freelance bloggers, and social media experts. There’s advertising, promotions, marketing management, and public relations on the more traditional side. So many career opportunities are available to those who obtain a Master’s in Communication, many of which are management positions.

To be heard, you need to know your stuff.

Consider just how crowded the digital space is – to be seen, heard, remembered (or even just clicked on!) – you have to be good, really good. And that’s what a Master’s in Communication will give you. You will get skilled in subjects like crisis communication, mass media, PR strategy, and marketing communications.

The on-campus and online MA in Professional Communication at IUMW strongly emphasises the practical application of strategic communications. Students embark on work-integrated education experiences, giving them the chance to enhance the quality of their portfolio and the opportunity for meaningful industry exposure.

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¹ US Bureau of Labor Statistics