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Associate Professor. Dr. Kamran Shavarebi

Ph.D in Civil Engineering, UiTM
Master of Science in Civil Engineering USM
BSc ( Hons) in Building Construction Brighton University UK

Area of Specialisation

Project Management, Construction Management, Construction Technology and Materials, Non-conventional Material Utilization, Built Environment Sciences, Structure, Waste Utilization


Supervision of PhD Students

Collaboration Design Change Management with Project Learning Through Effective Communication: Investigating Building Project in Malaysia. by IR Jeffrey Yap Hui. 2018. IUMW

Cultural intelligence Framework for Deepwater Oil and Gas Megaproject Leaders: The Case of Malaysia by IR Quek Tiang Beng, 2018 IUMW

Supervision of Master Students

Technical Viability of Using Eggshells Powder in Concrete Mixes. Masters of Built Environment by Miss Fazeera Ujin 2018. University Technology MARA (UiTM), Malaysia

Eco- Innovation and project – Based Firms ‘Performance in Ghana Master of Project Management by Mr Richard Asiedu, 2019 IUMW,

Understanding the communication Challenges faced by IT Projects in Kelang, Malaysia Master of Project Management by Miss Athira Shuhada Salehodin, 2019 IUMW.

A Study of Implementation of Electronic Quality Management System (EQMS) in Pharmaceutical Companies in Malaysia Master of Project Management by Miss Teoh Ling Wei 2019 IUMW.


R&D Competition, Invention, Innovation and Design 2010, Faculty of Architecture, Planning and Surveying. First place category staff (innovation), second place category staff overall “Technical and Economic Viability Study for Commercialisation of Mining Sand for the Malaysian Concrete industry”

R&D Competition, Invention , Innovation and Design 2010 University Technology MARA Category staff (innovation) – Gold medal overall “Technical and Economic Viability Study for Commercialisation of Mining Sand for the Malaysian Concrete industry”

Malaysian Technology Expo 2011(An International Expo on Technology invention & innovation) Kuala Lumpur 17-19 February 2011 Silver Medal “Technical and Economic Viability Study for Commercialisation of Mining Sand for the Malaysian Concrete industry”


Fazeera Ujin, Assoc Prof Dr Kamran Shavarebi, Assoc Prof Zarina Yasmin Harith
Influence of Addition Eggshell as Partial Replacement of Cement on the Durability of Concrete. 3rd International Conference on Innovation Engineering and Management. 2-3rd December 2016, Novotel Bandung, Indonesia. Published

Ir. Patrick Quek Beng, Dr Hamzah Abdul Rahman,Assoc Professor. Dr. Kamran Shavarebi
The Oil and Gas Megaprojects: Cultural Intelligence in Cross- Border Project Leaders. 19th International Conference on Construction Management and Disaster Reduction in World academic of Science, Engineering and Technology Conference (WASET) 7-8th September 2017 Tokyo Japan. ICCMDR 2017. Published (Best Presenter Awards)

Ir. Tiang Beng Quek, Assoc Professor.Dr. Kamran Shavarebi, Dr Hamzah Abdul Rahman
Deepwater Oil and Gas Project Performance: A study of Cultural Intelligence. International Conference on Innovation Production (IPC 2017) 30Nov – 1 Dec 2017, Curtin University, Perth, Australia. (Presented)

Ab Wahab arief Affendi, Assoc Prof. Dr. Kamran Shavarebi
E-Government Project in Malaysia- A case of Public-Private Partnership. 9th International Conference on Business, Management, Law and Education
(BMLE-17) Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) 14-15 Dec 2017

Md. Mahfuzul Islam Shamim, Assoc Prof. Dr. Hj Kamran Shavarebi,
Leveraging social Media for Human Resource Development led ICT Sector development in Bangladesh. Journal of Business and Technical Progress, Business review Bangladesh, Vol 6. No. 1& 2 December 2017. ISSN: 2224-1884

Assoc Prof. Dr. Kamran Shavarebi, Md. Atikur Rahaman, Md. Mahfuzul Islam Shamim.
Implementation of Digital Archive Centre. International Journal and Research (IJSR). Volume 7 Issue 5, May 2018. ISSN (Online) 2319-7064.

Jeffrey Boon Hui Yap, Martin Skitmore, Jason Gray and Asso Professor. Dr.Kamran Shavarebi
Systemic View to Understanding Design Change Causation and Exploitation of Communications and Knowledge. Project Management Journal Vol. 50(3) 1-18. DOI 10.1177/8756972819829641. 2019 Project Management Institute. Inc. ISI Index .Q2

Jeffrey Boon Yap and Kamran Shavarebi Enhancing project delivery performance in construction through experiential learning and personal constructs: Company development. International Journal of Construction Management ISSN: 1562-3599 (Print) 2331-2327 (Online) 20 June 2019 SCOPUS –Indexed Q2

Jeffrey Boon Yap,PhD, Ian Ni Chow, BSc, Associate Professor. Dr.Kamran Shavarebi. Ph.D.
Criticality of Construction Industry Problem in Developing Countries: Analysing Malaysian Projects. Journal of Management in Engineering. Volume 35 Issue 5, Publication date 12 July 2019. Q1 Paper