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The IUMW Student Council launch IUMW Souk, a one-stop marketplace to promote the businesses of IUMW’s student entrepreneurs

This week, the IUMW Student Council (SC) officially launched IUMW Souk, a one-stop marketplace online platform to promote the businesses of IUMW’s student entrepreneurs, connecting them to the consumers within and outside of IUMW.

Meaning ‘market’ in Arabic, Souk was the brainchild of the SC’s Financial Officer Nurul Farzana, who promoted the idea as part of her original manifesto when running for council. Initially, Souk was intended to be a physical platform for students to promote their business on campus, but the marketplace went online due to the ongoing pandemic.

“We hope that Souk will encourage more IUMW students to venture into entrepreneurship and that it will enhance the skills of our existing entrepreneur students, as well as enhance and uphold the image of IUMW – I believe this is the first uni to have a website of this kind made for their own entrepreneurs”, Nurul Farzana said during the Souk launch.

“I love the platform – I think the work you’ve done is brilliant and I congratulate you all”, IUMW registrar Ms Hasni Haldi told the team during the launch. “I’m very proud of you all – even before you’ve graduated, you have shown that you are not just job seekers – you are job makers”.

Congratulations to the Student Council on the launch Souk – visit the platform and support IUMW’s student entrepreneurs at https://studentcouncil28.wixsite.com/souk