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Prof. Dr Kamila Ghazali Receives Prestigious Johan Mangku Negara (J.M.N) Award

IUMW’s esteemed Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Dr. Kamila Ghazali, was recently honoured with the highly prestigious Johan Mangku Negara (J.M.N) Award.

This remarkable accolade is a testament to her unparalleled dedication and meritorious service in the field of education.

Recognised as one of Malaysia’s most esteemed federal honors, the J.M.N Award is reserved for individuals who have displayed exceptional commitment and remarkable contributions to the nation. Prof. Kamila’s well-deserved recognition underscores her outstanding achievements and unwavering commitment to advancing education in Malaysia.

With an impressive track record spanning over 20 years, Prof. Kamila has held senior and management positions, including the esteemed roles of Director of International & Corporate Relations and Deputy Dean of the Institute of Graduate Studies at Universiti Malaya. Her vast experience at both national and international levels has shaped her into a visionary leader, inspiring countless individuals throughout her career.

This recognition serves as a testament to Prof. Kamila’s achievements and unwavering commitment to empowering generations of learners and fostering a culture of educational excellence.