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Students at the Faculty of Communication, Arts & Media showcase their work to industry experts during a faculty exhibition at the International University of Malaya-Wales

A significant number of graduates face difficulties finding a job after university because of the mismatch between their education and current industry requirements. With high expectations from employers, students need to choose a university that will equip them with the employability skills so highly sought after in today’s working world.

The development of employability skills cannot be left exclusively to universities; it requires a collaborative effort from multiple stakeholders. The International University of Malaya-Wales (IUMW) is on a mission to meet this challenge.

The Faculty of Communication, Arts & Media (FCAM) at IUMW is leading the way in industry collaboration by teaming up with local and global brand names so the faculty can deliver their modules with industry input and influence; dubbed as the “branded syllabus”. Students embark on industrial-driven assignments to boost their portfolios and prepare them for the increasingly complex demands of the workplace.

IUMW’s communication students’ industry work with Lumix, Panasonic, features on many digital platform sites including YouTube

“This effort will bridge the gap between the academic world and industry. Our students will be ready to work the moment they’re done with their studies, with a strong portfolio to back up their academic qualification”, said Dr Nurul Nisa Omar, Head of the faculty.

FCAM offer programmes in Communication, Digital Media and Public Relations & Event Management – dynamic fields with high expectations that require graduates to be on the top of their game. Communications professionals are needed in just about every industry out there – and the salary potential can be high.

Organisations involved in the branded syllabus include Lumix of Panasonic, Foreo, BrandGeeks, QWork, and CiliSos, who work with students on modules such as Media Production, Digital Media, Communication Campaigns, and Event Management. Students’ work is showcased in faculty exhibitions and on a variety of online platforms including Youtube.

Earlier this year, IUMW also launched the Industry Advisory Panel, consisting of subject matter experts whose overarching role at the university is bridging the gap between academia and industry. The partnerships are aimed at getting young graduates well prepared for the workplace and connecting students to new opportunities.