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11th Nov: The School of Communication & Technology’s CommSquad recently hosted the ‘Courage at the Crossroads’ Fire Chat session with Andreas M.Vogiatzakis, Leadership Coach, Executive Director at AMVPLUS.COM, TEDxSpeaker & Author. He shared his remarkable journey from Crete to Athens, Florida to New York, Japan to Taiwan, to finally making his home in Malaysia; sharing the ups, downs, and all the trials and tribulations in between.

A man on a mission to become a catalyst for positive change, during the webinar he gave the audience insights into his own personal work and life experiences and leadership lessons he’d learned from his own life story, many of which he shares in his recent book, Courage at the Crossroads.

“Leadership is about seeking to understand and to be understood. Many times we are rushing to talk first and give our opinion; rather, it is better when we try to understand them and their point of view. The rest of the leadership aspect becomes easier.” says Andreas.