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26 Oct 2021: IUMW welcomed over 1200 participants from Malaysia and across the globe to its high profile event, the International Academic Conference (IAC 2021), that took place virtually between 26th October 2021 – 28th October 2021 on the immersive virtual experience platform Airmeet.

The conference held a total of 19 live sessions including panels, workshops, research presentations and speed networking, with each session garnering between 100 – 350 participants each.

Fun conference fact – each live session gives users the chance to use emoji reactions where viewers express themselves without impacting the flow of the event and cheer up the ambience. The number of emojis used across IAC 2021 was 88,709! Audience members also thoroughly enjoyed the speed networking sessions where they were matched randomly with other conference participants. Three lucky people in the sessions won a FOREO beauty device worth over RM1,500!

Dr Nisa Omar, Chairperson of IAC 2021 and Academic Dean at IUMW said: “ There have been many discussions covering the theme of this year’s academic conference. We truly wanted to gather industry well-known figures and academic leaders. Through IAC 2021 it was an opportunity to showcase the capability and hard work of our students”.

This is a great milestone and achievement for IUMW as a fairly young university. Congratulations to all who took part and to the IAC Committee who worked hard all year to execute this event successfully.