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By Laura Evans

Working for a big corporation and climbing the ladder used to be the blueprint route to success. But these days, entrepreneurs are changing the game. And as the pandemic continues into 2021, reshaping entire industries, the need for agile entrepreneurs has never been more urgent.

But how can you teach someone to be an entrepreneur, is it even possible? Countless successful entrepreneurs never went to business school — many didn’t even graduate from university. Nevertheless, there is still a place for formal education in the world of entrepreneurship, and the International University of Malaya-Wales has taken steps to meet the needs of today’s students.

Students no longer relate to learning decades-old theories or reading textbooks front to back to learn how to make it in the business world. They’re more interested in mastering genuine skills that can set them off on the route to becoming a successful business owner.

Some of the entrepreneurial activities on the programme include Shark Tank style business proposal pitching and guidance to sourcing investors for their business. Students are even exposed to a real enterprise experience by creating their own product or service with an annual bazaar even as a platform for their business venture.

“What’s great about entrepreneurship at IUMW is that students are able to truly understand how the business world works”, Senior Lecturer at the IUMW Business School Dr Sharmila Sethu explained. “The programme is packed with practical skills students need to know to become successful entrepreneurs from preparing financial statements, practising effective communication, and understanding the fundamental essentials for the success of any organisation”.

The advantage of learning entrepreneurial skills over more traditional subjects is that they are not uniquely relevant to a career as an entrepreneur. The skills needed to start your own business are relevant in any field and would also be desirable attributes for being an employee.

“Whether they choose to become an entrepreneur or to climb the corporate ladder, our entrepreneurship graduates are able to quickly adapt to a variety of business environments and discover innovative ways of moving forward, making them highly employable individuals with the practical skills to back them up. Our partnership with the University of Wales Trinity Saint David (UWTSD) based in the United Kingdom also gives students that crucial global perspective that every business graduate today needs”.

IUMW’s partnership with UWTSD allows the University to offer most of their programmes as Dual Awards; a single, jointly-delivered degree that leads to 2 separate certificates awarded by the 2 institutions. Students also have the opportunity to spend a semester studying at UWTSD and to attend the UK graduation ceremony. These opportunities are invaluable to students, enriching their university experience, expending their network and broadening their perspective to a global scale.

Entrepreneurship is a platform to a variety of careers, so it’s not only for those looking to make their own way in the business world. Whether you have your sights set on the big corporates, SMEs, or your own start-up, you will graduate from this programme ready to take on the challenges of the business world and beyond.

For more information on this or other programmes at IUMW, call +6 011-3663-3644, or visit iumw.edu.my.