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Entrepreneurial Organisation & Strategic Planning

What does an organisation need to ignite its entrepreneurial spirit and release the disruptive thinking and opportunism that drives growth? This course gives you the building blocks needed to understand the nature of entrepreneurship within established firms. Discover the critical elements driving organisational innovation and entrepreneurial revolutions within a business.



RM 350 


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3 Days

IUMW Micro-Credentials Entrepreneurial Organisation1

Course Modules

  • Capturing the entrepreneurial orientation of the firm:
  • Dimensions of entrepreneurship
  • Entrepreneurial intensity
  • Applying an entrepreneurial grid to organisations
  • Structuring the company for entrepreneurship:
  • Components of structure
  • Types of structure
  • An entrepreneurial structure and the concept of cycling
  • Building cultures to support entrepreneurship:
  • Generic culture types & entrepreneurial culture
  • Cultures within cultures
  • Designing entrepreneurial control systems:
  • Control and entrepreneurship, control and cost
  • Measuring entrepreneurial performance:
  • Assessing entrepreneurial activities
  • A systematic approach
  • Discovery-driven planning

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✔  Credit Exemptions: Upon completion of the course, you can continue on to our Master’s programmes (MBA & MA Professional Communication) with eligibility for credit exemptions

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