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Micro-Credential Programmes at IUMW

Our Micro-Credentials are bite-sized modules, with opportunities to specialise in fields of study that interest you.

Why Study Micro-Credentials?

✔  Flexible – Learning on demand so you can study at your own pace

100% Online – Study online so you can learn anywhere, at any time!

✔ Credit Exemptions – Earn credit exemptions towards masters programmes at IUMW

✔ Bitsize – Microlearning concept where complex topics are broken down into short-form and easily digestible materials

✔ 100% Coursework – Get certified in your chosen course with no final tests or exams

IUMW Micro-Credentials

Get Ahead With Micro-Credentials

Micro-credentials are designed to meet the ever-changing demands of the workforce, helping you stay ahead of the curve in your field. They indicate that you have the expertise to excel in a particular area of work, making you more attractive to prospective employers. Furthermore, micro-credentials improve your employability, especially in industries that undergo rapid change.

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