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Corporate Operational Management & Sustainability

Learn to critically analyze business operations and consider the changes necessary to move toward sustainability. Discover best practices and the variety of ways in which a business can pursue sustainability, having a positive impact on the triple bottom line.



RM 350 


Open Learning


3 Days

IUMW Micro-Credentials Corporate Operational Management1

Course Modules

  • The entrepreneurial imperative in established organisations:
  • Turbulent environments
  • Sustainable competitive advantage
  • Entrepreneurship in non-profit and government organisations:
  • Exploring entrepreneurship in non-profit organisations
  • Exploring entrepreneurship in government organisations
  • The people factor: human resource management:
  • Creating the work environment
  • HRM policies and entrepreneurship
  • Leading entrepreneurial organisations:
  • Strategic leadership and entrepreneurship
  • Variation in managerial roles
  • Forces working against corporate entrepreneurship:
  • The framework of understanding obstacles
  • Overcoming obstacles and constraints

Why Study IUMW Micro-Credentials?

✔  Recognised Certification: Get a digital certificate from IUMW as part of your professional development

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✔ Focused: Short-term, high-impact learning concentrating on key topics for maximum output

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✔  Affordable: A cost-effective way to acquire professional certification

✔ Industry Apprenticeship: Opportunity to be assessed by QWork for consideration onto a relevant programme, e.g. internship, apprenticeship, employment opportunities

✔ Credit Exemptions: Upon completion of the course, you can continue on to our Master’s programmes (MBA & MA Professional Communication) with eligibility for credit exemptions

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