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Welcome back

Come October, the campus will come alive. We look forward to welcoming all our students back to the campus. Amidst the continuing threat, as we are preparing to reset our classes, I want to use this opportunity to share important reminders on safety and other priorities but more important to wish all of the best a great start to the new academic year. 

Our semester will start as planned on Monday 27th September online, but we will offer hybrid classes to new and final year students, as well as to certain classes with students who require special equipment. Our faculty members are looking forward to welcoming back their students and are eager to re-engage with face-to-face teaching and learning.

I understand some of you may have some concerns about the reopening of campus, rightly so and it is no fault of yours. I am sure by now all of you have been well informed of the situation, and some may have been very careful given how fragile the environment; and how many times we have seen the on and off of what we can and cannot do for the sake of public safety. 

Every member of this IUMW community has a responsibility to uphold the safety and make it possible for us to make use of the campus facilities. I want to assure you are not alone in this, as there will be faculty members, university staff and others. 

I want to tell you about the measures the university has put in place to help keep us all safe. We are taking all necessary precautions to ensure that the health and safety of all those who will be coming back are not in any way compromised.

To begin with I want you all to know the following safeguards that will be put in place.


  1. Anybody entering the campus including staff, students, and visitors, must be fully vaccinated, and proof of this will be requested at the main entrance. Anyone who is unable to show this proof will not be allowed to enter the campus. This is to safeguard all, and public health is our priority. 

  1. Our classrooms, library and social spaces will reopen where appropriate with additional safety measures in place. Any on-campus sessions will be in line with social distancing rules and be complemented by online lectures and seminars. We will have revised classroom layouts to accommodate social distancing. Our opening hours may also vary to comply with Government guidance, so please check before visiting.

  1. Additional hand sanitizer stations will be in place around the campus. Teaching staff will wear face masks and stand the required distance back from the class. All students, staff and visitors will also be required to wear face masks.

  1. There will be increased levels of cleaning, with a focus on key touchpoints, such as door handles, handrails and communal areas. 

  1. Everyone needs to put on their mask all the time and maintain social distancing of at least 2 meters. This includes walking outside with friends. 

  1. We will have our staff entrusted to enforce the rules and behaviors. We are asking you for your kind cooperation.  

I know that many students will be looking forward to returning to campus life, but as we continue to live under the new norms, we should all be mindful about looking after the health and safety of ourselves and of those around us. 

I am fully aware of the inconvenience, discomfort and every single reason why we should not return to normal. That is not going to happen, at least for the foreseeable future. 

We must be more alert and disciplined as we go about working, socializing, and studying together. Returning to campus has become a privilege, and we want you to enjoy this, to take advantage of the networking opportunities with your friends, new and old.

The campus welfare is important to us, students, staff and the community is at the heart of everything we do here. We will continue to do all we can to minimise the risks and make the return of students as safe as possible for everyone. We’re excited to welcome our students back to campus and safety remains our top priority. 

We want to assure you that we are here to ensure you succeed in your academic journey with us. We do want just as much as you to return to what we used to do and more. Work will commence soon to give the campus a new student Centre, new learning labs, new postgraduate Centre and many more in and around the campus. Watch this space.

All the best in your studies, and keep safe, always. 

Tay Kay Luan


International University of Malaya-Wales