Universiti Malaya – Wales

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Faculty Lecturers at the International University of Malaya-Wales (IUMW) recently participated in the Erasmus+ ‘EntreCompEdu’ CPD Project, a joint collaboration by educators registered from over 50 countries sponsored by the European Union’s Erasmus+ programme.

The multi-discipline faculty team at IUMW shared their experiences during the 3-month online entrepreneurial learning journey. Ten faculty members were drawn from biotechnology, biology, business, communication, literature and technology became the first ever Global Cross-Faculty EntreCompEdu Pioneers in Malaysia. 

EntreCompEdu was conceived as a project to support educators so that they could teach entrepreneurial competences effectively. The course develops teachers’ entrepreneurial education skills with the goal of being able to give every student the entrepreneurial skills to be part of a workforce that is alert and responsive to change and capable of designing and implementing new solutions to complex problems.

The team at IUMW witnessed the power of energetic peer cross-sharing through the shared language of EntreComp, and also took advantage of the multi-country educator EntreCompEdu Group forum which encouraged the sharing of ideas, questions, and practices from its multi-country participants drawn from the full range of educational settings and contexts.

“EntreCompEdu gave me a wider knowledge on how to creatively integrate entrepreneurial skills in the teaching and learning process, exposing me to new approaches and innovation to engage our students for 21st-century learning,” said Asha Nair Ganeser, English Lecturer at IUMW’s Centre of Foundation, Language and Malaysian Studies. 

“And the work does not stop here, with plenty planned to continue experimentation and application at the IUMW,” said Dr Nisa Omar, Dean of the Faculty of Arts & Science. “We are now skilled and equipped to take the entrepreneurship agenda forward, developing and assessing for and through value creation, but also infusing the entrepreneurial mindset into the wider university.” 

Already in receipt of their EntreCompEdu digital badges, they recently attended the global online graduation by EntreCompEdu partner Bantani Education.