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By Prof. Dr. Mahadi J Murat

The phrase “Digital media can be instrumental in reviving the literary heritage of our region” from an article written by Jamila Hasmi in The Express Tribune Pakistan recently, makes me want to reflect on our own.

In her article “Literature, Digital Media and The Youth”, Jamila stresses, there should not be any denial of the fact that this is the age of the digital revolution, which has its unique dynamics.

Instead of making the Internet and digital media a scapegoat for our lack of constructive efforts, to integrate the young generation into the rich literary heritage of the subcontinent, the focus of our academics, the curriculum designers, filmmakers, and writers should be to find creative ways to not only introduce the young with the multifaceted past of this region but to enable them to engage with it in new ways.

Jamila’s writing brought my mind back to a program I remembered reading a few years ago, a program spearheaded by the UK’s former Minister of State Jim Knight in 2008, called Shakespeare for All Ages and Stages (SAES). SAES was introduced to 700 schools for students in years 1 to 11, initially. The program uses the technique of performing arts and digital media appreciation and production, now becoming a popular national program for primary and secondary schools throughout the UK.

If Malaysia could emulate the UK concept of teaching and learning, the elements could be an added value to our national education system that help instil local value through schools.

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