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Unlike others, my interest in science, especially in the medical research field began when my grandmother passed away due to breast cancer back when I was only 8 years old. I then developed a further interest whenever I then personally experienced certain illnesses during my childhood years. I also witnessed my mum suffering greatly and being hospitalised multiple times due to Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD). 

Throughout these types of ordeals, I always questioned myself on how medical science is capable of improving human health and wellbeing via research to continuously discover treatments and cures for various illnesses. 

This sparked a dream within me to want to pursue biotechnology! I took pure science stream subjects in high school before enrolling at the International University of Malaya-Wales (IUMW) to study the Foundation in Science back in 2017 and then the Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Biotechnology from 2018 until now.

After evaluating the quality of my work and thesis project at the end of semester 6, my undergraduate research project supervisor, Dr Abdul Rahim, encouraged me to enter the Virtual Innovation Competition (VIC2021).

The ‘3 Minute Thesis’ or popularly known as ‘3MT’ is a type of presentation where participants or researchers are challenged to present their research in or under just 3 minutes. As VIC2021 was a virtual-based competition, I recorded my presentation and uploaded it to YouTube for the competitions’ panel of expert reviewers to review.

What I managed to achieve throughout this competition was truly far beyond my own expectations. When the VIC2021 award ceremony announced the results, I was surprised to learn that I had won not one, but 3 awards! To be honest, I didn’t have high expectations as this was the very first time I had taken part in this type of competition. The majority of presenters consisted of more experienced postgraduate students and lecturers from universities from all over Malaysia! Behind this success, I would really like to express my deepest gratitude to my supervisor, Dr Abdul Rahim for all of his continuous guidance; and also to all other lecturers and teachers who have taught me since the very beginning. I am also really thankful to both of my parents, family members and friends for the continuous support, love and care that they have shown me throughout my life.

Pursuing my biotechnology degree at IUMW has been one of my greatest life experiences. I have had the opportunity to meet dedicated, inspiring and friendly lecturers who are always willing to share their knowledge; and I’ve been able to learn in a conducive environment with friends who have similar dreams and passions. 

My biggest hope is to wish that everyone will stay healthy and safe during this Covid-19 pandemic and personally, I hope that I will continuously improve to become the best version possible of myself! 

After completing my industrial training and graduating with a biotechnology degree, I would like to continue my postgraduate studies, most probably in the medical research field. As for future plans, I hope I will have the chance to kick start my career as a researcher that focuses on my particular areas of interest!