Universiti Malaya – Wales

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IUMW has helped me in unimaginable ways. I studied Professional Communication which gave me a niche in communication that has honestly been the most integral component in getting to where I am today. My Dean, Dr Nisa Omar, gave me the biggest support in order to complete my internship programme. She understood my eagerness to build the right career path.

I joined the Maybank Young Banker Internship Programme (MYBIP), a structured internship programme that aims to create and nurture fresh graduates to become potential Personal Financial Advisors. IUMW featured an article on me during my internship on how I balanced the time between doing my internship whilst attending online classes. This made headlines within Maybankers at the time and was positively remarked by Datuk Nora A Manaf, Maybank’s Group Chief Human Capital Office. She motivated me to keep on doing what I was doing because I was able to successfully juggle between two busy roles.

Since my internship, I’ve secured a role at American Express, where I analyse our corporate clients’ potential future & present time wants and needs. IUMW has definitely helped me in my current role by backing up my communication skills, especially with handling corporate clients who demand the utmost level of professionalism from a service they are investing and trusting for their business. 

My advice to any students eager to embark on their dreams is to have faith in everything you do. Don’t give up, ever. Anything is possible because life has its own set of secrets.  Honestly, I never thought I’d be a banker during my stint at Malaysia’s biggest bank and an Analyst at one of the oldest financial institutions on this planet when I started my Professional Communication degree but guess what, with that background, I could make emotional & personal connections with my peers, colleagues & stakeholders. Trust the process you are on and always have faith, because things will make sense and add up someday, even if that day is not today.