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I was keen to pursue a degree in psychology after SPM. A friend of my mom mentioned that her daughter enrolled in IUMW and was also doing psychology. 

So, I visited IUMW and I was interested in the fact that I could finish my degree by 22 years old and I also get the chance to study abroad for 1 semester. 

“IUMW has given me opportunities to explore and develop myself. I started during foundation where we had to plan events and projects for a few subjects. That sparked my interest to explore more which led me to run for student council in 2019.”

The student council was an experience that really opened my eyes to the professional industry. We were exposed to many challenges and opportunities which helped the council members grow individually and as a team. My circle of friends in IUMW also influenced my study journey. They are very supportive and push me to try new things such as business competitions, University Leadership Development Programme (ULDP) and the Nestle YOUth Influencer program.

The Nestlé YOUth Influencer Programme that is a one-year ambassadorship programme that appoints students to become Nestlé ambassadors for their respective universities. On May 11th, I was appointed as a youth influencer, representing IUMW. As a YOUth Influencer, I act as a link between Nestlé and students in IUMW. I organise Nestlé-related activities on campus and create buzz as a Nestlé ambassador. Throughout this programme, I will have to disseminate information on Nestlé events and programs to the IUMW community through IUMW Student Council’s platform. 

Amongst many other things, I co-founded the International Welfare, Economics, and Leadership Dialogue (I-WELD) in 2019 with Nurul Farzana. I-WELD is a non-profit organisation of enthusiastic and motivated young minds dedicated to engaging with other youths from America, Africa, Asia, and Europe. We unite to sustain this organisation as a medium for young leaders from around the world to connect and discuss ideas on global issues. Since 2019, I’ve managed several projects and events as a Co-Founder. Responsibilities as a Co-Founder range from organisation management to members’ welfare. 

To carry out my duties smoothly, I made sure that I was prepared to learn, experiment, fail and succeed. Mindset is really important to start anything. When you begin with a learning mindset, you will learn better and witness yourself improve. Agility and empathy are also very important when it comes to leadership roles.

“Leadership roles come with uncertainties and risks which we as leaders have to adapt to and learn to call the shots in those situations. Being empathic allows you to foster an open communication atmosphere and provide more effective feedback for personal growth.”

These 2 positions have expanded my connection with students as well as industry players. In terms of added skills, I am now more confident in communicating with industry players and have learnt the importance of self-branding. It has also taught me that as a leader, I must make sure that my team and I are on the same page at all times – physically and mentally healthy together would also provide better results! As a leader, I have many areas to improve in such as time management, critical thinking and empathy towards my team. This organisation has opened many doors to achieving my career goals and given me exposure to the real world.

Considering my time at IUMW, I’d say the highlights of my experience would be expanding my connections professionally and making meaningful friendships along the way. Especially in I-WELD, we are like a family. We are very professional and serious but we also have fun! I always believe that a great team is able to be serious when needed and also have fun enjoying their time together. Another highlight would be the achievements of the organisation. As a co-founder, the milestones made by the team has been amazing – that means we are doing something right. Seeing my members grow together with the organisation through projects and events is truly heartwarming.

My advice if you have something you’d want to pursue is to just go for it — a chance to try something new or embark on their desired industry is a good win! You will never know what you’re capable of unless you throw yourself into unfamiliar situations.

“To quote my mother, “What is the worst thing that could happen?” This is the time where you can experiment, fail and try again until you succeed. Believe in yourself because you’re capable of things that you can’t imagine.”

My end goal in life is to build a foundation to help the needy, for both humans and animals. Therefore, I will start my career with an internship with Nestle (hopefully, in sha Allah) and afterwards, I have no plans yet as I am quite flexible as long as the company’s culture is welcoming, pleasing and emphasises employee welfare. Whatever my plan is in the future will be guided with my end goal in mind.