Universiti Malaya – Wales

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Learning the Business of Science with Bioentrepreneurship at IUMW

Participants from various backgrounds joined IUMW’s 4-day short course in Bioentrepreneurship looking to gain entrepreneurial skills and exposure to bio-based businesses.

The 30-hour programme gave participants key insights and an understanding of the different pathways to entrepreneurship, the principles of bio entrepreneurship, branding and marketing, as well as creating value for their businesses.

Modules focused on many topics including the latest innovations in biotechnology and commercialisation models that entrepreneurs can adopt. Participants learned from experts and successful entrepreneurs, who shared their own experiences and insights.
In addition, they learned how to build a business model canvas and create compelling pitches, essential for securing funding from investors and other stakeholders.

The course concluded with participants pitching their own bio-based business ideas and strategies based on what they had learned throughout the programme to a panel of academic and industry experts. Participants left leaving with a wealth of knowledge and skills and expressed their gratitude to IUMW for hosting a transformative course that provided actionable insights for their businesses.