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Eight Professional Communication students received certificates from Lumix to recognise their outstanding work in producing a short film and video productions, which they recently broadcast through a live stream showcase.

January 18th, 2021: Eight Professional Communication students received certificates from Lumix (Panasonic’s brand of digital cameras) to recognise their outstanding work in producing short films and video productions, as part of the programme’s Audio & Video Production and Media Production modules. The Lumix partnership is part of Professional Communication’s branded syllabus initiative, partnering with organisations to give students industrial-driven assignments to boost their portfolios and prepare them for the increasingly complex demands of the workplace.

Third-year student Anis Kok was the Director of the short film Samantha, along with fellow student Director Axyr Hanz William. “We encountered a lot of obstacles throughout the making process, but we still managed to face those challenges together and brought Samantha to life. Samantha is a product of collective efforts by KITA Production. We didn’t expect that we would receive recognition certificates from Lumix but I’m forever grateful that people are showing so much love to Samantha. I believe this is a very precious learning experience for the whole team and I thank every one of them for their contribution and support”.

The special recognition from the internationally renowned electronics giant went to students Axyr Hanz William, Muhammad Danial Siddiqy Bin Mohd Azmin, Misya Anis Aqilah Tarmizi, Jananey A/P Ramachandran, Jordan Jeffrey De Padua, Nur Anis Kaa Kei Kok, Nor Fatihah Binti Mohamad Hafidz, and Ruhaina Binti Ro.

“I’m incredibly proud of my students’ work, they did a fantastic job producing such high-quality work and really earned this recognition from our industry partners”, said Dr Nurul Nisa Omar, Acting Dean of the Faculty of Arts & Science. “This is exactly why we created the branded syllabus; we’re bridging the gap between the academic world and industry, and students graduate with a strong portfolio to back up their academic qualification”.

All student productions were initially showcased on Discord’s live streaming service, and have now been released- or will be premiering soon – on the Communication team’s YouTube channel, CommSquad.

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