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Bridging Innovation, Technology, and Science, or in short “bits” is a platform for students to present their ideas for tech startups as a part of the IT/Software Project Management study modules. The event was organised by Computer Science and IT students under the Faculty of Science Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (FSTEM), and the supervision of Lecturer Mr. Sugein Krissnan. Each group’s mobile app project proposal & prototype demo were judged by 4 experienced panels based on the 10 PMBOK knowledge areas and the visualization of the prototype.

Let’s see what the panels had to say about it:

“The students of FSTEM, IUMW are truly gifted and talented. The event was organized in a very professional manner. This is a testament to their excellent lecturer Mr Sugein for whom the students have the highest regard.”- Dr Ram Gopal Raj

“It was a well organised event to awaken students’ entrepreneurial spirit. The amount of energy and stamina that organiser and the team had in running and executing the event was truly amazing. I would love to see more of such events from IUMW in the future.”- Dr. Leong Kah Huo

“It has been my pleasure to contribute to the event. You have done a great job for IUMW. Congratulations! An excellent and impactful event for the students.”- Assoc. Prof Dr. Yusniza

“Looking forward to seeing them in the industry when they graduate. The students mostly handled the critics very well. It gives them the opportunity to not only learn from people in the industry but for the industry to see the future and where it is heading.”- Mr Mohamed Faisal