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4th March, IUMW: The women of IUMW (and a few men!) got together for International Women’s Day, a day celebrated annually across the globe and focal point for the movement for women’s rights. Organised by the IUMW Student Council and Student Services Centre, the event was a celebration of the female staff and students of IUMW, of women’s achievements globally, and a time to raise awareness against the biases and inequality issues that still exist in the world today. Attendees got to hear what motivates the women of IUMW through interviews with some of the top management team, as well as a few of our high achieving students – including Navanesah, the first Indian female boxer in Malaysia, and Ayesha Afkaar, a national basketball player for the Maldives! Inspiring, engaging, motivational, and fun, the event was a success on many levels – congrats to the team!