Universiti Malaya – Wales

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I’ve always been fascinated by psychology and knew I wanted to pursue this area of study, ever since high school. I’d also always wanted to study in Malaysia, and I found IUMW to be exactly what I was looking for from a university.

Joining IUMW has played a huge part in my personal growth and i think that’s very evident in the way I carry myself now compared to my past self. I’ve gained so much knowledge from my course lectures given by the extremely supportive lecturers who have guided me so well throughout my foundation journey. That support was also crucial as an international student doing online studies during the pandemic. The time zone difference brought up many challenges as I am currently residing in Saudi Arabia, but the understanding nature of lecturers and supportive attitude from classmates acted as motivation for me to keep pushing forward!

One of the best parts of my journey so far has been the opportunity to join and also organise many events with my classmates as part of our studies. It was an eye-opening experience! It was challenging at times, learning how to maintain a balance between exams and lectures, all while planning for an event. But it was an opportunity for growth, and we gained a lot of skills from it like leadership, time management and teamwork!

One of my future goals is to become a therapist because I feel that guiding individuals to become a better version of themselves would be extremely rewarding. Undoubtedly, I will explore the variety of careers within psychology so I can pursue something that aligns with my interests. 

If I had any advice for other students, I’d say if you want to expand your horizons, I firmly believe in pushing yourself; abandoning familiar situations and fully exploring your potential and capabilities, which is something I didn’t realise until my recent years. If you are truly interested in something, push back those “what ifs” thoughts and all the hesitation that comes along with it, so you can truly get to accomplish your dreams. Most importantly, remember to enjoy the process as much as you can!