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By Putri Aziz

Knowing current industry practices and having the right certifications are key to starting a successful career in computing upon graduation. Not only do they equip graduates with a robust set of technical skills, but additional certification also demonstrates a commitment to mastering your field and provides external validation that you have the skills needed to be able to succeed.

These days it is important for university programmes to be embedded with components from industry to stay relevant with current trends and practices. This will prove beneficial for students who need to differentiate themselves from their competition – especially in current times where there are high expectations for fresh graduates to leave university industry-ready.

The Oracle Academy is an organisation that works with educators across the globe to help students become technology innovators and leaders. Computing students at the International University of Malaya-Wales (IUMW) have access to the Oracle Academy Cloud Program and resources, designed to build and enhance their knowledge, ultimately improving their employability. Resources include professional curriculum, access to Oracle cloud technologies, software, support, and professional certification. 

Here are 3 ways the Oracle Academy enhances student employability:

  • Hands-on practice in Oracle Application Express (APEX) 

Students get access to the Oracle Application Express (APEX) for hands-on practice via the cloud. Students will be able to engage with Database Foundations, Database Design and Programming with SQL, Programming with PL/SQL, and Oracle Application Express—Application Development Foundations. 

  • Earn professional certification

The Foundations Associate Certifications offered by Oracle Academy act as helpful credentials to enhance student employability. Foundations Associate Certifications prepare students to progress to the Oracle Certified Associate level, and later to become an Oracle Certified Professional. Certifications act as a validation of specific technical knowledge and capabilities. It allows students’ potential to be maximised to gain skills and build knowledge as they continue further studies and expand career pathways. 

  • Experience industry-leading software and applications

Gain access to Oracle Cloud Free Tier. Students get the unique opportunity to explore the extensive academic curriculum. There is free access to developer tools including Oracle Application Express (APEX) for low code Web application development, SQL Developer Web for working with Oracle Autonomous Databases, SQL Notebooks for Machine Learning, Oracle REST Data Services for web interfaces, and Oracle Instant Client. Discover new technologies including Autonomous Database, Compute VM, Linux, AI/ML, and digital assistants, and develop in SQL, NoSQL, APEX, Java, Node.js, Python, PHP, and Ruby.

Computing students graduate IUMW with the skills and knowledge to succeed in a wide range of fields, but with added certification and industry know-how – you’ll be prepared to take on real-world challenges and stand out among the competition.

For more information on this or other programmes at IUMW, call +6 011-3663-3644, or visit iumw.edu.my