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By Asha Nair Ganeser

The world is now emerging with lots of new developments and theories based on the current situation, created to rectify problems and produce reasonable solutions. Design thinking is one of the creative new strategies that has been highlighted in both the educational and industrial sectors.

I recently read an article written by “Samuel Tschepe on Design Thinking and its utilization in education.”. Design thinking is a creative way of problem-solving that identifies alternative strategies and solutions which lead you to think out of the box, combining convergent and divergent thoughts to produce a good solution. Nowadays, university education has changed more towards modern design, from transmitting content and knowledge to extracting the existing knowledge and producing creative output to a better future. Design thinking uplifts a person’s creativity, embraces new ideas and challenges them positively in a new direction.

Assessment methods such as case studies could be created to immerse students and teachers in real-world problem-solving. Teaching and learning using design thinking begin with understanding the scenario, finding out the problem, and brainstorming the solution creatively. As said by Albert Einstein, “No problem can be solved by the same kind of thinking that created it.” Complex problems could be solved through collaboration with people regarding the variety of skills, backgrounds, and thoughts.

The education system should be immersed with more curriculum that involves design thinking. It provides the educator and students with an opportunity to portray their talents in handling the need to find a solution.

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