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Congratulations To Our Fellow Researchers!

We are delighted to announce that four of IUMW’s esteemed academics have been awarded a total of RM81,520.00 as part of the Fundamental Research Grant Scheme (FRGS). The grant is for the research title; Conceptualising Technology Assisted Intervention Strategies for Single Parents by Utilising Intra-Familial Relations Approach.

Congratulations to Principal Investigator, Dr Mimi Fitriana Zaini, Co-Principal Investigator, Dr Ashley Ng Sok Choo, Co-Investigators, Prof. Dr Jasmine Ahmad, Dr Deeparechigi Vashu, as well as Prof. Dr Yarina Binti Ahmad (UiTM) and Dr Amira Najiha Yahya (UM).

The FRGS is a research grant from the Ministry of Education (MOE) that aims to promote research that encourages the generation of theories, concepts ideas that can accelerate new discoveries and innovative creations in line with national aspirations.