Universiti Malaya – Wales

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Faculty of Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (FSTEM), IUWM received two awards from the “Premier-Pride Challenge 2019 event” organized by MDEC.

  • Intel – Best University in Curriculum Embedment for IUMW (Artificial Intelligence module).
  • One of the most engaged universities from Non-Premier Digital Tech Institution to MDEC events.

This MDEC’s event was held mainly to celebrate the achievements borne from the collaborative Premier-Pride Challenge 2019 programme with various higher education institutions and industry partners. The MDEC industry partners, Microsoft, SAS Institute, AWS, Intel, JobStreet, RunCloud, Oracle, and Cisco gave recognition to universities and educators for the excellent delivery of digital skills to its students. This challenge started in March 2019 with the continuous transfer of AI, data science, and cybersecurity skills transfer to educators and students.

Well done Team IUMW!