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By Laura Evans

Master key skills like mapping out a timeline, troubleshooting any issues and planning a project from conception to inception, and you will find yourself a crucial part to any organisation – the focal point of each Zoom meeting.

Project management graduates are highly regarded all around the world because they have a versatile range of skills for achieving project goals and managing change in any industry. As commercial projects typically require a range of resources and stakeholders to be managed and budgets than can run into the millions, quality project management courses include everything from financial management to leadership and risk management.

“My studies changed the way I solve problems”, said Khairul Azizan Suda who studied his PhD in Project Management at the International University of Malaya-Wales (IUMW), based in the heart of Kuala Lumpur who also offer the project management at Masters level.

“During my studies, I was appointed as a CEO of AKK Engineering (Borneo) Sdn Bhd, which spearheaded the strategic planning and risk management. The industry viewed my studies as a potential key for competitive advantage. Related industries wanted to know more about the new decision model that I studied, and certainly, it will change the perceptions about the current method utilised”.

IUMW is a joint venture between the University of Malaya and the University of Wales, the two oldest universities in their respective countries. It’s a draw for both local students and international students from around the world.

“When choosing where to study my PhD I took into account the fees, specialisations, potential supervisors, facilities, student support – and not to forget the link of IUMW with the top-ranked university in Malaysia. The close relationship I had with my supervisors was of huge benefit and one contributing factor that allowed me to successfully complete my studies”.

Armed with the specific yet widely applicable skills provided in this project management qualification, graduates can assist both their employer and clients in achieving their business goals on time and within budget, whether their a project manager or in senior management.

“I’m currently working as an academician, where not only do I get to share my studies with students but also with several corporate leaders, Oil and Gas managers, working colleagues and fellow academicians; be it through journals, conferences or simply through informal discussions. I also plan to produce a book so that my studies could become a reference for the other researchers in future”.

Project management skills are highly regarded in all industries. The ability to lead, plan, and execute projects to stringent deadlines and budgets is a primary skill in all areas of work. Those who can demonstrate competence in this area are considered attractive to prospective employers.