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RTM news presenter and IUMW Valedictorian 2019 Dr Mohanaapriya Sina Raja conducted articulation skills training with IUMW’s communication students

October 22, 2020: The School of Communication organised a webinar on Articulation Skills Training with RTM news presenter Dr Mohanaapriya Sina Raja. Attended by 100 students from IUMW, Dr Mohana – who is also former Miss Malaysia-India, and IUMW Valedictorian 2019, trained students on the importance of articulation and how to sound more polished, powerful and confident with her tried and tested tips.

“Not only was the session informative and engaging, but it was also particularly relevant to these current times”, communication lecturer Mr Shawal Ras said of the talk. “Now that so much communication is done online through video calls, webinars and the like, coming across as articulate as you can be is crucial to making a good impression and maintaining a professional image.”