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By Murni Mohamad

This semester, I have been given a new subject to teach, Real Estate Marketing. There is so much to talk about, and so many things crossing my mind. One thing I’m sure of, I need a very good book! I continued doing my search online until I found this book published by Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM), Abdul Hamid Mar Iman.


What’s interesting about this book?


This book covers three main aspects of property marketing: fundamentals of property marketing, property marketing mix, and marketing implementation. The best part is it focuses on projects carried out by a marketing team, either in-house or agent. Besides that, it covers marketing and blends economics, management, and business applications to ensure the reader understands the property market and can achieve their businesss’ goals. The author also explains how property marketing is implemented in companies involved in the property business in this book.


This book is a must-have for real estate background students and anyone who has zero knowledge in real estate marketing but is interested in the sector. Let me bring you more details of the book. In the first chapter, the book covers marketing functions, the marketing department, the role of each member, and the characteristics of real estate property. It pulls you into more excitement in chapter 2, where the book illustrates how the marketing team carried out the actual project by presenting an example of a real estate project and sales cycle. By giving a real scenario, the reader better understands the marketing activities required for the real estate project. This book is a must for my bedtime reading! I will share my reading for the next chapter in my following writing – stay tuned!