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By Dr Ashley Ng Sok Choo

While browsing through the leisure reading in MPH, the title “100 Ways to Simplify Your Life” caught my eyes. This book was written by Joyce Meyer, the #1 New York Times best-selling author.

Joyce started with the truth that most of us are fighting a constant battle in the life of balancing our work, family, friends and other demands which could easily cause us to be wary and burn out if we do not guard our heart consciously. Limited resources of attention, time and energy, unprepared change of norms in life due to the pandemic lead us to frustration and confusion, resulting in a complicated life.

But Joyce brought out an important message: “Unless you are determined not to, you will do what everyone else does.”. She emphasised that when a person spends his life in frustration trying to change the world and everyone in the surrounding, he fails to realise that it could be him who just needs to change his approach to life. I would like to highlight two approaches from the book from which I have benefitted: (a) do one thing at a time (b) be a prisoner of hope. Staying focused on the one thing that we are doing at a particular moment, we will find it much easier to do.

On a final last note, a positive attitude makes life simpler. It relieves stress and puts a smile on our face. I wish you a life of simplicity, fruitfulness, fulfilment, peace and joy.

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