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As Vice-President of the Student Council, I Learned to Be a Leader

Wan Irdina Danisha binti Mohd Khairy
BBA in Human Resource Management
Intern (2022), PwC, People & Organization Tax Services

How IUMW prepared me for my professional career

I was a very active student in my degree life. That said, having to juggle my time between all my commitments was not easy but my internship requires me to be balanced, attentive and alert to all the tasks and the possibilities thereof. Saying that it was sometimes overwhelming is a vast understatement, however, I try to take it one step at a time with composure and finesse.

Not only that, I learned how to separate my work and personal life. I tried my best to not let my personal feelings affect my decisions which is crucial in maintaining a healthy work environment for myself and my colleagues.

My favourite memory from IUMW so far

My favourite memory would be the wholesome experience as the Vice President of the Student Council 20/21. It was my greatest achievement as we were the only Student Council that held events online. My team and I managed to do 62 initiatives and events. But it was not the events that I enjoyed the most, it was who I did it with and the valuable time we spent together. From strangers to people I can count on, I will forever cherish it. To my fellow 20/21 SC members, it would be nothing without you guys!

Extracurricular activities I was involved in

I have always had a fond interest in the arts and have always joined many activities even before university.

When I joined IUMW I told myself I wanted to join more clubs. I asked my best friend, Nur Fariza Abrina binti Roshaimi who was in her final year; she suggested the Experimental Theatre Club. I joined as a participant before becoming the PR & Marketing committee member, where I adapted editing skills with Canva.

I had one co-curricular subject where we decided to organise the “Volunteering to Zoo Negara” event. We cleaned animal cages which nurtured animal awareness amongst us afterwards.

Lastly, being the Vice President of the Student Council. I wanted to step out of my comfort zone and try new things. That was when I knew I could be a leader.

My internship position at PwC

I am under the Tax department, specifically “People & Organization Tax Services”. What I like most is, I have a friendly working environment. Even though we are currently working from home, my seniors and colleagues are very kind and helpful. They will guide and make sure I understand all my given tasks.

My future career goals

I want to pursue a Master’s where I hope to become an expert in my field. I would also like to be a lecturer. I can imagine myself giving inspirational talks in the future to spread more knowledge and wisdom among people.

Advice to others joining IUMW

Make friends. Be active. Try new things. Step out of your comfort zone. Enjoy the study life. University is the best journey in my life so far. Now, I have friends that I know will last for a lifetime. Here’s to my friends who have been there for me since the beginning, Muhammad Adham Khairie bin Mohd Khairul, Maya Alya binti Mustapha Chafik, Jacob Liew Kai Xiang, Nik Andi Ismail bin Nik Idris, Nurnatasha Afini binti Mohd Khazani, Muhammad Tariq Haiqal bin Ahmad Azlan, Fariz Andesta Putra bin Muhamad Nurman Karthikasan, Yong Syafiqa binti Zainul Mujahidin & Nurmaslifa Amira binti Djuan Onn.

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