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My First Event I Was Involved in Was the IUMW Bazaar Where My Team and I Were Able to Channel Our Creativity.

Wan Irdina Danisha Binti Mohd Khairy
BBA in Human Resource Management, Year 3 (final year)

I decided to pursue my studies at IUMW because I was curious to know what it’s like to study at a private university as I was from a public university. I find it interesting to understand different people’s perspectives, which is the reason I chose to pursue a degree in Human Resource Management. HR plays a pivotal role in every organisation; simply put, HR is the core of a company. It is true when they say “HR people are in charge”. Well, we are! Ranging from the Recruitment and Selection processes, Training and Development, etc. We are very much in control of the organisation’s tenure. To me, everything I learn in HR is interrelated and I am able to apply them in my daily life.


At IUMW, the first event I was ever involved in was the IUMW Bazaar, where my team and I were able to channel our creativity. It really opened my eyes and showed me that IUMW students truly have the right skills to become entrepreneurs. For one of my assignments, I became the leader for “Volunteering at Zoo Negara” where I was able to lead my team during the excursion. I also joined TimetoTalk: Unveiling the Taboo of Sex Education where I became the Head of Logistics. It was a surreal experience for me – we even managed to receive around 8,000 views on Youtube for the event! Currently, I am the Vice President of the Student Council 2020/2021. I enjoy being active as I am able to broaden my horizons as a person. Despite leading the team, I must give credit to my teammates, I couldn’t do it without my team’s amazing teamwork and execution skills.

In the future, I want to pursue my masters as I believe in career progression. Education is very important to me, I was raised to always put that first.