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Shaping Young Lives: A Psychology Graduate's Impact

S Subatraa Subramaniam
Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Psychology
Student Affair Department Assistant, IPC Teacher, Stellar International School

Despite facing initial challenges during her studies with the pandemic disrupting physical classes, Subatraa found solace in the dedication and compassion of her professors.

“The aspect that I personally cherished the most was the lectures and the dedication put forth by the professors in delivering their lessons. Witnessing their love for teaching inspired me to strive for personal growth and make them proud”.


After graduating from IUMW, Subatraa embarked on a fulfilling path that allowed her to pursue her passion for guiding and caring for young minds. During her internship, she worked as an assistant psychologist at a counselling centre, where she realised the significance of helping children during their developmental years.


“Understanding the significance of having a degree in psychology motivated me to choose a school environment with the purpose of guiding and caring for children during their development.”


Today, Subatraa is thriving in her role as a Student Affairs Department Assistant and IPC Teacher at Stellar International School, JB. Her primary responsibility is to ensure the safety, well-being, and welfare of the students. She tackles discipline issues with a unique approach that emphasises building positive characteristics in students.


“Dealing with various discipline issues has taught me to understand the mindset of children as they go through different phases of development. I’ve come to realise that punishment alone often does not effectively help children realise their mistakes”.


Subatraa attributes much of her success to the skills and knowledge gained during her time at IUMW. Maintaining her CGPA taught her valuable lessons, including working beyond her comfort zone and producing high-quality work.


“Maintaining my CGPA may sound peculiar as one of the best skills I learned at IUMW – but it has taught me so much. The desire to achieve high scores motivated me to push my boundaries and demonstrate my capabilities to impress my professors with the quality of my work. This commitment to improving the quality of my assignments has greatly contributed to my current career, where I deeply analyze student development and thoroughly understand the background content required to address specific issues”.


Subatraa’s passion for teaching and her genuine love for her students keep her motivated to achieve her goals. Witnessing the progress and improvement of her students is the most fulfilling aspect of her work.


“What inspires me the most is the love and appreciation that students show towards me, coupled with witnessing their progress and improvement”.


Her advice to current students at IUMW is to aim high and strive for excellent grades, not just for academic purposes, but for personal growth as well.


“Once you enter the professional field, the key will be to apply what you have learned. Therefore, make the most of your current time, focusing not just on academic scores but also on improving the quality of your work. This will be of paramount importance in your future endeavours. Continuous improvement and personal development are essential for success in any field”.

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