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I Gained Invaluable Knowledge by Furthering My Studies at IUMW

Renee Natalie Rosli, Bachelor of Professional Communication (Hons), Final Year

I was really intrigued by the Dual Award programme that IUMW offers as it was an opportunity to spend a semester in the UK. It was such a good deal for me not to take it up! Through my decision of furthering my studies at IUMW, I have gained invaluable knowledge and managed to sharpen my communication skills with my friends who are from all over the globe through the close-knit community at IUMW. 

My favourite classes to attend were the production and design classes. It was something new for me to get engaged with and I was able to create physical outputs for the class. 

Over time, my abundance of experiences at IUMW became a platform for me to enhance my soft skills as well as my technical skills. I believe that all these skills are crucial for my future endeavours. Some critical elements that I learnt include preparing a professional portfolio, conducting mock interviews and organising events. With these experiences in hand, I am confident to pursue my career.

I know it’s a big step for anyone from East Malaysia or anywhere else in the world to pursue their studies outside of their home country. But it’s worth a try; it’s a chance to make amazing memories as part of your student life! Psst..a little heads up! You’ll miss your lecturers A LOT because they are awesome and super fun!