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I Feel Blessed to Have Been Given the Opportunity to Study at IUMW

Muhammad Azlan bin Mohamad Azhar
Graduate Research Assistant, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) , Graduate, Bachelor of Professional Communication (Hons) , 2017-2020

Student Stories Q&A

The reason I chose IUMW

I chose IUMW because I could see great potential to build my future. IUMW provides high-quality education and highly qualified lecturers who have extensive experience in their fields, not to mention how reasonable the fees are! I feel truly blessed to have been given this opportunity to study at IUMW.

What got me interested in my field of study

At first, I didn’t know what this course was like but after I went through the course structure, I realised it was exactly what I was looking for; a course full of subjects related to the media which was what I was really interested in. I really love the media and it offers a broad spectrum of careers which I am eager to explore once I have the right knowledge and skills. Also – I really love writing! On that note, of course, the communication course has more coursework than exams – definitely a plus point for me!

Studying communication at IUMW

My programme, the Bachelor of Professional Communication, offers modules related to media and of course communication that can help you build your career in many ways! This course is full of subjects that when you are graduating you will be prepared to be in the industry.

Being a member of the Malaya Wales Football Club

Some of the activities I joined at IUMW include badminton and volleyball during the Sportacular event. I am also an active member of the Malaya Wales Football Club. It was a great experience at IUMW!

Life outside of IUMW

I do a lot of reading on topics that interest me to gain more knowledge and explore new things. For example, sociology, technology and biography. Other than that, I jog and swim at least three times a week to keep my body healthy.

Favourite IUMW memory

My favourite IUMW was when I received my Deans’ List Award during the ceremony back in 2018. It was a stepping stone for me to achieve more and more at IUMW!

Advice for IUMW students

My advice for IUMW students is simple. Work smart and dream big. Expand your knowledge as much as you can. Keep in mind education is a bridge to the future. Prove to yourself that you are the best and keep moving forward!

My plans for the future

Becoming a lecturer is a dream of mine. My plan is to continue my studies to the highest level and deepen my knowledge to become an expert in certain areas. Publishing a book is also a dream of mine!