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I Can Now Communicate Confidently In English, Which I Know Will Help My Future Career Endeavours

Helda Tanginang, Intern at Malaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB), Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Biotechnology, 2018-2021

Favourite IUMW memory

I got the opportunity to do a practical lab session at Universiti Malaya (UM) and was taught by lecturers from UM too. I am also very happy that studying at IUMW offered me the unparalleled experience to be able to meet and make friends with local and international students. Not to forget, the field trips organised by the Biotechnology Club!

Life at IUMW as a Sabahan

As a Sabahan, I am not used to communicating using English and Malay peninsula slang. Before enrolling at IUMW, I only spoke Malay in Sabahan slang which is very different compared to peninsula slang.  At first, I felt awkward communicating with other IUMW students — I was afraid they wouldn’t be able to understand me due to my diction. But throughout my 3 years of studying at IUMW, I was able to communicate confidently using the English language as my main medium of communication amongst my friends at IUMW.  Now, I am no longer awkward or afraid to communicate in English.  This opportunity to practice my English has matured me and I’m certain this will benefit me for my future career endeavours.

Studying the BSc Biotechnology at IUMW

Biotechnology is very broad and includes medicine, manufacturing, plant tissue culture, genetics and more — undoubtedly, it is very important for the advancement of future scientific research.  For me, studying biotech at IUMW is amazing— having competent and experienced lecturers is a big bonus!  They are very thorough in their teaching and help students to understand in-depth their respective subjects. Above all, they are also very helpful in providing support, views and suggestions to their students for their studies. 

Favourite Class 

I thoroughly enjoyed all my classes because all the lecturers were very fun and great at teaching. I personally loved the lab practical sessions they’re very interesting and allow me to learn to use laboratory equipment, observe and analyse data and conduct various scientific experiments. It was so much fun at Universiti Malaya’s laboratory!

IUMW as a platform to take the next step into my career

Studying at IUMW  greatly improved my communication skills, especially in English.  The purposeful guidance from the lecturers also helped me to better understand my subjects. Their competence in teaching, helped me to get good results.  Having good communication skills and good results will definitely help me to land a great job or to pursue my studies in the future.

Advice to other Sabahans / Sarawakians / Bruneians looking to study at IUMW?

If you want to feel the experience and benefits of studying at two universities at the same time, you should further your studies at IUMW.  You’ll be able to study their robust syllabus curated for the two prestigious universities at IUMW. For Sabahans who want to study in the Kuala Lumpur campus itself, fret not! IUMW will help you there. You’ll also be able to gain new friends from all over the globe. If you are like me, someone who was not used to communicating in English, don’t worry because at IUWM you will be able to engage with locals and foreigners which will greatly increase your confidence communicating using English!