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I Built a Portfolio that Enhanced My Professional Credibility

Gueen May
Graduate, Bachelor of Professional Communication

“As an IUMW student, I was exposed to industry throughout my studies. This gave me great networking opportunities and helped me to grow as a person. I was able to build a strong portfolio that has enhanced my credibility as a professional individual.

I’ve always been fascinated by the latest trends, culture, and media, and my programme offered exactly that. I knew pursuing a Degree in Professional Communication was the perfect fit for me as I read through the students’ stories on their website (just like you are right now)!

Don’t get me started with my amazing lecturers! They are probably the coolest and most laid-back lecturers I have ever encountered during my student life – but when it comes to assignments, they mean business. My programme also offered me a platform to showcase my dance skills and even provided me with an opportunity to hold dance classes virtually with the students at IUMW.

Looking back, the decision I made to start my thrilling journey as a degree student at IUMW was the right decision and I will never regret it.”